Dr. Phil Maffetone: As a health and fitness trendsetter he has perhaps had more positive impact on a wider variety of people than anyone in modern history. From professional and Olympic athletes in virtually every sport, to average people from all walks of life, his system for achieving optimum human performance by tapping into the human body’s fat-burning system has helped millions of people achieve their goals in sports, business and life.  MORE

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella is a Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine. He is also a LtCol in the US Air Force designing programs to promote health and better fitness  in the military with the USAF Efficient Running Project. He has been a tireless promoter of nutritional interventions in patients with any spectrum of the metabolic syndrome  and  introducing  low carb options  for hospital patients.   MORE

Ian Adamson is a world renowned endurance athlete, event director, published author and motivational speaker. He graduated from the University of Sydney with an honors degree in Mechanical Engineering, and from Chapman University, California, with a Masters in Sports Medicine. During his ten years working in the implantable medical device industry, he started a successful manufacturing business, Reflex Medical Products. MORE

Robin Desjardins is an accomplished marketing professional with over 20 years creative and production experience. She began her career with CBS in Connecticut, one of the top 10 markets in the Country, as an Assistant Director of the live evening news. Robin continued her career at ESPN in live sports programming including basketball, golf and auto racing. Robin then founded FirstImage Television Media and Marketing in 1998. MORE