Healthy Running Clinic

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Join world-renowned endurance expert Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, author of “Run For Your Life” and learn how to identify, assess, and develop your aerobic capacity and prevent injury. 

"Welcome, and thanks what is the binary options market for stopping by.  We’re here to help you be both fit and healthy. Along with way, whether you’re a walker, runner, Olympian, or just getting off the couch, you’ll burn more body fat, reduce and prevent injuries, balance hormones, improve brain function and reap many other benefits—and if you compete, a better athlete. And for health practitioners, we’ll help you help others do the same. Our educational seminars and online what is a binary options broker presence will lead the way." 

—Phil, Mark and the HFU Team 

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Members Get FREE access to Dr Phil Maffetone discussing the overfat pandemic, insulin resistance and the addictive properties of sugars. Introduction by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Q&A with Dr. Mark and Dr Phil. 


HealthFit University is a certified team of professionals that offer the best  of the best in health and fitness education and implementation. Build a better, balanced, fat-burning, energized body for optimal performance.  

     • Certifies coaches endurance, strength,  health, corp.

     • Certifies health practitioners

     • Continuing education credits

     • Helps all people seeking better health & fitness

We teach the art and science of health and fitness. Emphasizing what is a binary options trader maximum aerobic function (MAF), we bring together coaches, health practitioners and the public to help build a better world. HealthFit U